Choosing a Prestigious Girl at Escorts in Malaysia

Escorts in Malaysia

I’m sure Escorts in Malaysia has a photo album of all their working girls. But, as I always say, best to ask to see all of them upfront. There’s a plastic sliding door to the right of the counter and once the mamas signal to the girls a customer wants a look-see the door opens to another room with a wraparound sofa.

Seated inside at the time were about a dozen ladies. All were done up with heavy makeup and of course beautiful hair. I was in heaven. They don’t call this place Angel Massage for anything. Not that I’m also saying all of the girls inside were super-hot. But all were decent-looking. I admit I had a bit of a hard time picking one.

When this happens, I usually try and pick the slimmest girl. Which I did and let’s just call her Mia since I don’t like blowing up the names of girls I banged.

Up to the VIP room with Mia

VIP rooms are a little bigger than the regular shower rooms. There’s a bathtub inside which didn’t take forever to fill. Escorts in Kl added these rooms about 5 years ago when they renovated. This was good because I remember before their rooms were really old and shitty.

While the tub was filling Mia asked if I wanted a Thai massage. I was already down to my birthday suit so why not? Her message wasn’t that great but I know time had to be wasted for a little while for the tub to fill.

Escorts in Malaysia

Angel Massage Room Review

VIP rooms are on the second floor…

She was still fully clothed in her tight yellow t-shirt and white jeans. Which is the uniform of Call Girls in Kl. I asked if she could take off her clothes for a bit of foreplay. She obliged and took off her shirt and her bra.

And I started playing around with her titties and nipples. After all these years, this shit never gets boring to me. She must’ve thought I was retarded. She just might be right. When the tub was a quarter full Mia signaled it was time to get into the tub. And I gleefully did as I watched her take off her jeans and revealed a nice shapely ass. There were no stretch marks on her tummy.

Playing Hide the Weasel

With my body clean from a good wash by Mia’s gentle hands in the bathtub, she started a body-to-body massage action. With a focus on my cock between her perky tits. It was so enjoyable I had to ask if she could do it for another 5 minutes, to which she smiled and obliged. What a good sport. Or maybe she felt sorry for me thinking I was really retarded.

After 30 minutes of messing around in the bathtub, it was time to get on the bed for a gel massage with Escorts in Malaysia. I would’ve been happy enough to spend the entire time in the tub. But once I twisted my wrist while having sex in a bathtub years ago. So I never did it again.
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