Call Girls in Malaysia Offers Pay-For-Play Industry

There is also a very strong contingent of men who are already involved, to some extent, with Call Girls in Malaysia. Many of them have gone the whole nine yards and actually married their Malaysia sweetheart. Some have started families too.

It is still relatively rare that men in the middle-age group have actually made the permanent move from their own countries to Malaysia. The reason is obvious, they have not yet accumulated the financial resources to allow such a move. Instead, they live abroad but frequently visit

A fair proportion of the men that use the Malaysia pay-for-play industry do so after going through a messy divorce back home in their own country. Kuala Lumpur offers a great escape from all the trouble and strife that comes with a messy divorce, and for a time it really serves a purpose and allows faster mental recovery from the distress of a broken marriage.

It’s around about that time, once recovery is complete, those romantic attachments with bar-girls start to occur. More distress usually follows, breakups occur, and new long-term Malaysia sexpats emerge! It has to be said that this group is well represented by those men who have been burned by the less scrupulous ladies working in the Escorts in Malaysia sex trade.

In fact, just about everyone has been burned at one time or another to a greater or lesser extent, and most of the rest are waiting to get burned without realizing it.

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Malaysia Prostitution Morals & Ethics

Questions about prostitution in Malaysia, as regards the morality of engaging in it or not, are impossible to answer conclusively regardless of circumstances… but that has never stopped anyone from forcing their subjective opinions on the world before.

I’m not going to make the same mistake.

I’m not going to try and steer you one way or another, because it’s for you to decide. I will, however, to try to clear up some of the common fallacies surrounding the whole thing.

Okay, before continuing let’s deal with the legality question first.

Hold on to your hats… Call Girls in Kualalumpur may be about as common as spicy food but, technically speaking, it is against the law! I think it fair to say that, at the current time, this particular law is not exactly being strictly enforced under a zero-tolerance policy, but for how long this remains the case is anyone’s guess.

If the current direction of travel with regard to the law is anything to go by then the recent crackdowns on certain naughty bars in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur may herald a very different sort of future. I think that so long as men are interested in sex, and women are prepared to provide it for financial gain, then there will always pay for pleasure industry. I hope that Malaysia does not intend to go too far and drive this sort of activity underground because that has never been in anyone’s interest.

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