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Bra SizeC
Hair ColorBlack



I’m Poonam and I’m a youthful Kuala Lumpur Call Girls. As should be obvious in my photographs, I have fair hair, light eyes and a wonderful face. My legs are long and excellent and my body has the ideal estimations. I need to be your buddy and appreciate your conversation in treks, parties, trips during the evening and festivities. I can give you a sweet, kind, interesting and amicable sweetheart arrangement. I am great at suggestive back rubs with an upbeat closure. My claims to fame are full French, regular French, Greek and dark kiss. The Kamasutra I board to flawlessness and rule practically all stances. I cherish sexual recreations and toys and groan of delight until us cum together. I am exceptionally finished and I have no restrictions, we can attempt anything you desire. On the off chance that you need to check it, call me,

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